Sunday, 6 November 2016

Technics SU 3500 Stereo Amplifier 1975

Technics SU 3500 Stereo Amplifier 

The amplifier from Rainer Collection

This item is originally my first first stereo amplifier bought in 1975. I've got it back from my school friend now. As a collector I'm very happy because it is still as good in shape as I sold to my friend around 1980.
The amp provides 55 watts pc and that's enough for rocking the whole house and neighbors. A three-stage impedance matching for phono input is something special. Two phono inputs were already standard at Technics amplifiers.


  1. This is MY amplifier. Its looks had me dreaming as a kid! I never bought it, my parents had no money at the time. When I grew up the amplifier was discontinued. The is no other piece of equipment quite as beautiful as this!

    1. Yes,this is a great amplifier !
      The amplifier from Rainer Collection

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