Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Dual 1209 Turntable: SOLD



Track system: 4-track, 2-channel stereo recording and playback

Tape speed: 4.8 cm/s

Wow and flutter: 0.06%

Frequency response: 25 to 16,000Hz (Cr02)

Signal to noise ratio: 67dB (dolby)

Motor: FG servo dc motor

Heads: 2 head system

Dimensions: 430 x 149 x 267mm

Weight: 7.6kg

Wharfedale Super Linton speakers IN MINT CONDITION: SOLD

                                     Made in England(1970). 8 Ohm. IN MINT CONDITION!!!
                          These sound beautiful, with a gorgeous midrange and nice balance.

Quad 405-2 Power Amplifier IN MINT CONDITION :SOLD

 It is a build-out value at the time of driving both channels simultaneously.

An output and a distortion
(An 8-ohm load intensity, sine-wave input) It is 0.01% or less at the time of 100Hz and 100W output.
It is 0.01% or less at the time of 1kHz and 100W output.
It is 0.01% or less at the time of 10kHz and 100W output.
Output internal impedance It is 3.3 microhenries to 0.03 ohm and a single row.
Offset voltage 7mV or less
Frequency characteristic (1kHz criteria) Low-pass: It is -1dB at 20Hz.
High region: It is -3dB at -0.1dB and 50kHz in 20Hz.
Input sensitivity 0.5V (at the time of 8-ohm load-intensity and 100W output)
Input impedance 20kohm//220pF
Slew rate 0.1v/microsecond
The maximum input limit If an input signal is to +20dB, it returns in an instant.
Crosstalk (at the time of the input load intensity of 1kohm) 80dB (100Hz), 70dB (1kHz), 60dB (10kHz)
SN ratio: - 96dB (at time of A correction)-93dB (with no correction)
Power-source input: 100-130V, 200-250V, 50 to 60 Hz
Weight: 9kg

Monday, 25 June 2012

Sony HMP-70 IN MINT CONDITION:SOLD(Speakers are sold)

     Sony HMP-70 Made in Japan(1975). 
     8 Ohm.
     New cartridge Sumiko!

Sony HMP-70 Made in Japan(1975). New cartridge Sumiko Oyster. Sony SS-3200 Made in Japan(1973). SEAS elements. frequency range 25 Hz - 20 KHz 8 Ohm/100 W (peak) 15 kg.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Sound Art Iwakura Aichi Japan